ETH Trending Alpha ST II Strategy


I am pleased to provide details of the eagerly awaited ETH Trending Alpha Short Term 3.0 (ETAS) strategy on cedefihedge.

We have now brought to cedefihedge our in-house short-term trend-following strategy from Alphachain Capital, allowing users to

participate in similar professional institutional trend-following strategies to those we offer to our investors. The strategy for cedefihedge

has been adapted to a long-only unleveraged strategy within the restraints of cedefihedge.

At Alphachain Capital we strongly believe that trend-following strategies are best suited to cryptocurrency markets due to their history of

developing large trends exhibiting momentum over long periods.

There is no other asset class across the globe that develops trends of this size with these levels of returns.


ETH Trending Alpha ST 3.0 is a medium-term systematic trend following strategy which uses statistical analysis and technical indicators to

identify and exploit short-medium up-trends.

The strategy uses EMAs to identify up-trends with a volatility metric for confirmation. The strategy is optimized for short-medium term

time-frames enabling it to exploit some of the more shorter-medium term trends.

The strategy is long-only, rebalancing into ETH when the strategy identifies an up-trend and rebalancing back to cUSDC when not in the

market (e.g. flat or bear markets). All cash USD balances earn interest via Compound. finance enhancing returns. The medium-term nature

of the strategy results in approximately 5–6 trades per year, each held for an average of 20 days.

The medium-term nature of this trend-following strategy allows it to identify some of the key trends that emerge naturally over time with

less choppy rebalancing. It is less likely to get caught in a volatile market due to less frequent rebalancing.

The strategy performs best in trending markets and not as well during choppy or sideways markets.




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