ETH/BTC Long-Only Alpha Strategy


ETH/BTC Lon-Only Alpha Strategy Seeks significant capital appreciation through a long-only portfolio of strategies based on quantitative

methods and Artificial Intelligence (AI), actively trading Bitcoin and Ethereum.


2017: +2,227%

2018: +191%

2019: +38%

2020: +19%


A long position is taken after Analysis of various Bitcoin and Ethereum datasets ranging from the market: blockchain analysis [ Mean Hash

Rate, Mining Difficulty, Transfer Volume from Miners to Exchanges — All Exchanges, Miner Outflow Multiple, Miner Net Position Change,

Puell Multiple] and sentiment to fundamental data to ensure an uptrend is at the corridor, backed by machine learning as well as

proprietary quantitative models.

Live test of strategies and selection of best performers through proven risk metrics — Synthesis of strategies to a balanced portfolio with an

additional AI-based portfolio and risk management layer


We believe that artificial intelligence will offer the most consistent, long-term outperformance in all financial markets. Every day our

algorithms process terabytes of data, ranging from market data and social media posts to activity on the blockchain. Patterns and

correlations in this data, which can not be observed by the human eye, let our algorithms classify the direction of the market, volatility, and risk. Based on the outputs of these systems, we model behaviors and develop alpha-generating strategies which will be evaluated

using a scientific approach.




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